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REACTION TEAM INC is non-profit organization registered at North Carolina, USA to support for the mankind to Indian diaspora during family emergency or unexpected crisis.

Awareness 1

( This is applicable for Indian citizens who are trying jobs in abroad )

Jobs :

What fake agencies will do :

  • Fake agencies will send ten people for a job through their friend’s network based on that they will cheat a hundred people
  • Using photoshop fake visa will be given after a few months they will pay only half off the money or they will send people for manual labor work for less salary
  • They will have a link between the agencies abroad and send the person in visitor visa and use the people to do a slavery job
  • Lots of attractive advertisements will be done if the CV is shared, you will be selected and service charges will be started from medical examination
  • Fake offer letter or fake agreements will be rolled out more service charges

How to identify government-approved agencies for jobs

To identify government-approved agencies, please go to this link:

To check the validity of your offer letter and visa, please use these helplines listed below :




Note: reaction team heartfully thank Krish, NRT department Tamil Nadu for providing the above details.

Awareness 2

Visiting parent collapse is being reported frequently to us .Anbu Chandran from IOWA who joined emergency volunteer team recently is going to share a recent incident and his learnings to be done during crisis..Many stories with learnings to be shared sooner..

Awareness 3

In case of any car accident, few things to be noted below:

  • Who to be blamed for the accident?
  • Make note of any statement by another driver.
  • Other evidence to preserve includes witness contact, information, description of road traffic, weather conditions and a photograph of the vehicle,
  • If possible recorded video of the situation
  • Before other driver acts proactively for the right of compensation, be sure to work on it by getting a personal injury lawyer.
  • When you are away from home country, please follow the rules and be safe.You are more important to yourself than anyone

Awareness 4

Problem for women in NRI marriages

More than 3 million people of Indian origin have made the United States of America their home. These Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have not completely severed ties with the land of their birth and visit it regularly for making financial investments or arranging marriages. While this is helpful in maintaining a bond with their country of origin, it has also given rise to some problems.

The past few years have witnessed a sharp increase in problems related to NRI marriages.

In the eagerness not to let go of such lucrative marriage offer, the families totally ignores even the common cautions that are observed in traditional matchmaking. They also ignore that in case of things going wrong in an NRI marriage, the woman’s recourse to justice is greatly constrained and complex. The aggravated risk in such marriage is the woman is being ‘isolated’ far away from home in an alien land, facing language constraints, communication problems, lack of proper information about the local criminal justice, police and legal system. The situation is worsened by lack of support network of friends and family and monetary constraints which leaves the deserted wife completely helpless and stranded.

Dos & Donts


  1. check the NRI groom’s personal information particulars such as : Marital status: if he is single, divorced, separated, Employment details : qualification and post, salary, address of office, employer and their credentials, Immigration status, type of visa, eligibility to take spouse to the other country Dos & Donts Dos
  2. Financial status, Properties said to be owned by him in India, residence address, family background, Visa, passport. Voter or alien registration card, Social security number.
  3. Have regular and meaningful communication with the man and his family over a period. Make sure that the two persons to be married meet personally and interact freely and frankly in comfortable atmosphere to make up their minds.
  4. Insist on a registered marriage along with the religious marriage to be solemnized in India with adequate proof like photographs etc.
  5. Insist on keeping in touch with the bride even after the marriage on phone and e-mail and through local friends and relatives and get alert if at any point there is any reluctance or difficulty in this.
  6. Equip the woman with knowledge of the laws of the foreign country and the rights she enjoys there, especially against any form of abuse or neglect, including domestic violence and if she can get residence permit and other protections as a victim of domestic violence or abuse.
  7. Inform people you trust if you face domestic violence in any form – physical, emotional, financial, and sexual. Keep a log of all acts of violence you face.  Have a bank account in your exclusive name near your residence that you can use in case of any emergency.
  8. Keep a list of contact details of neighbors, friends, relatives, husband’s employer, police, ambulance, and the Indian embassy or high commission, if abroad.
  9. Leave photocopies of all important documents including your passport, visa, bank and property documents, marriage certificate and other essential papers and phone numbers with parents or other trustworthy people in India or abroad. In case they are lost/forcibly taken away/mutilated/destroyed by or at the instance of spouse or in-laws, the copies will come in handy; if possible, keep a scanned soft copy with you and any person you trust so that the same can be retrieved if necessary.
  10. Try to keep a photocopy of husband’s personal details including passport, visa, property details, license number, social security number, voter or alien registration card, among others.


  1. Do not take any decision in haste and do not get pressurized to do so for any reason whatsoever.
  2. Do not make matrimony a passage to greener pastures abroad by falling prey to lucrative schemes to migrate to another country or promises of getting green card through marriage.
  3. Do not finalize marriage matters, without meeting the family or over long distance, on phone or through e-mails.
  4. Do not get pressurized in taking impulsive decisions of marriage proposal with an NRI just because it appears too perfect to be true.
  5. Do not negotiate your daughter’s marriage via a bureau, agent or middleman or trust them blindly In case matrimonial negotiations takes place via matrimonial sites, verify the details and authenticity of particulars submitted about the groom.
  6. Do not finalize matters in secrecy – publishing the proposal among the near and dear ones, friends and close relatives could help you in getting vital information which you may not be able to collect otherwise .
  7. Do not agree on the marriage taking place in the foreign country
  8. Do not be coerced into acceding to dowry or any other unreasonable demand made by or on behalf of your husband in order to end your desertion. Inform officials immediately if being forced to do so.
  9. Do not remain quiet, if faced with desertion or any other cruelty by husband and/or in-laws whether in India or abroad. Approach the authorities.
  10. Do not forge/fabricate papers or legal documents for somehow going abroad and do not become a party to illegal acts under pressure, allurement or instigation from anyone.
  11. Do not be forced into participating in legal action in country of husband’s residence. You can file a case in India and cannot be forced to defend a case filed against you by husband abroad – especially divorce. India has more women-friendly laws than many other countries.
  12. Do not panic if your husband obtains divorce in the other country with or without your knowledge since it is not valid in India. Its valid in India only if you participate in that case.
  13. Do not defame husband and/or in-laws without evidence as they may slap a defamation case against you. Speak only the facts at the right fora – before police/lawyer/social worker/court etc.
  14. Do not be vindictive and take law in your hands. Never resort to violence or any illegal act to settle scores with deserter husband and/or in-laws. Approach government authorities in case of any problem in the marriage. Do not file false/frivolous complaint.

Awareness 5

High level Steps after death in USA:

Pls refer to the below high level steps

Let’s get these steps going.

  1. Postmortem ( hospital)
  2. Police report or clearance (if required)
  3. Death certificate(guessing city/county)
  4. Certificate of non-communicable diseases (mandatory for transportation of HUM) -health department ?
  5. Embalmation certificate( funeral home)
  6. NOC application form( Indian embassy)
  7. Original passport ( need to be cancelled)
  8. Cargo clearance with airline – funeral home needs to have

If sending the remains to India below are the processes

  1. Interline / hum cargo booking
  2. Cargo Clearance – Customs ( all paper work shud be available with receiving person)
  3. Local transit in india.(Reaction team can arrange free ambulance from chennai to your destination)

One other thing finding who will sign for all the documents in US aid also a critical thing.(authorization letter from family wud be read)

Response Emergency Access & Care to Indian Overseas Network.

Reaction Team continues to be a team of committed individuals assisting Indian diaspora in critical situations.

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