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About Us

REACTION TEAM INC is non-profit organization registered at North Carolina, USA to support for the mankind to Indian diaspora during family emergency or unexpected crisis.

We are a team of volunteer professionals who are dedicated to helping the needy. Our mission is to provide necessary support and assistance to those who need help. We provide process support and guidance to people during distress situations.
We also help with finding resources and connecting them with other organizations that can help. We strive to provide our services free of cost and with the utmost respect and compassion.
Our volunteers are helping Indian diaspora in areas like education, health care, employment, legal aid, financial literacy, and social welfare. Our volunteers are not just helping Indian diaspora with their everyday needs, but also providing moral and emotional support. We are helping the diaspora in setting up businesses, providing legal advice, providing support in taking up higher education, creating awareness about the rights and welfare of the diaspora and much more.
Through our global volunteer network, we are helping Indian diaspora to become a part of the mainstream society and provide them with the resources they need to lead a successful and productive life.
Our main mission is to help people in need in times of emergency and to provide them with the necessary resources. We work to provide emergency response, medical support, logistics and other services during an emergency. We also work to educate and prepare people for emergencies. We develop strategies to help people prepare for and respond to emergencies effectively. We also work to raise awareness about emergency preparedness and to create a safer, more resilient community. We strive to be the leader in emergency response and preparedness.

Response Emergency Access & Care to Indian Overseas Network.

Reaction Team continues to be a team of committed individuals assisting Indian diaspora in critical situations.

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